At the same time, the raid must spread out to minimize the damage taken from Illidan's Fireballs. About 80 seconds into the phase and every 40 seconds thereafter, Illidan puts a Dark Barrage on a random raid member. Melee DPS will want to spread out into multiple groups behind the boss This can be done by setting up one mage to each side of the raid, and have parasited raid members run away towards the sides. begin. If you have good ranged DPS, killing them wont be too hard as they are level 70 and only have 21k HP. Additionally, many raids will additionally require a Warlock tank with Shadow Resistance gear in order to tank Illidans Demon Form, known as Phase 4, but this requirement can be bypassed by raids with decent damage output and 3-4 Shamans using Heroism / Bloodlust at the same time. Most know me as Baranor, the ret paladin guy, but I'm secretly a druid main, don't tell anyone. This means that you will want a Protection Warrior or Protection Paladin as the main tank for this fight, as they can easily reach this amount by using Shield Block or Holy Shield respectively. very high consistent shadow damage to his highest aggro target. Anyone that touches the beam will die instantly. If you find that your set barely doesnt get you to the amount of Fire Resistance youre aiming for, you could use the following enchants / gems: Warlocks tanking Illidans Demon Phase will have a slightly easier time gathering the Shadow Resistance gear necessary to tank him, as a lot of this gear is going to be necessary for the Mother Shahraz fight anyway. range away from the boss and avoid standing near any other players as Illidan's kill anyone they reach. But they lacked vision. Having said that, it is common-sense that your Feral Druids should be assigned to this task they cannot main tank Illidan anyway, while they can still do respectable DPS after Phase 2 by using Wolfshead Helm, where Warriors & Paladins are practically useless in their Fire Resistance gear. 30 badges. Phase Five starts when Illidan reaches 30%. Shamans and Hunters should keep Frost Traps and Earthbind Totems up between Illidan and the raid. The enchanted Soulguard set on its own will net you 236 Shadow Resistance. Until he reaches 30% health, he switches between Phases 3 and 4 every 4050 seconds. The fight will Use Active Mitigation defensive abilities to survive, Move Illidan Stormrage to avoid damage taken from. A warlock with maxed shadow resistance should tank him. However, it will still be a good idea to have one if your DPS is not good enough to skip Phase 4, you will very likely be unable to kill Illidan without a Shadow Resistance tank. If you find your raid getting overwhelmed by fire, your healers running out of mana, your tanks or DPS players dying too often etc, it is not be a bad idea to use your Heroism / Bloodlust here, to help you push through. of fire, and anyone debuffed by Parasitic Shadowfiend will run to the Phase four is different from other phases. California Waste Solutions (CWS), which provides recycling services to more than 175,000 single-family homes in San Jose, filed a lawsuit in Santa Clara County . There's been a few questions on what to get so hopefully this helps out. tutorial on everything you need to know to be prepared for this foe. This phase has very high tank damage as well as raid damage, so everyone Flame of Azzinoth, simply change targets to the other one. Equip: If your target is below 50% health, your direct healing spells will cause your target to be healed for an additional 95 health. Illidan channels a blue beam from his eyes, targeting the ground. Warriors can use this guide. If you did enjoy the video or want to see more content like this be sure to like comment and subscribe! During Phase 2, melee DPS need to be mindful of all fire on the ground, as Illidan can be considered a difficult boss, as he has multiple different phases which require vastly different strategies. should be playing safe and aiming to survive. Each blade spawns a Flame of Azzinoth, when both flames are dead, Illidan lands and Phase 3 starts. However, if youve managed to get this far, you are likely going to beat Illidan; most groups will be able to kill him in the 60 seconds of Phase 5 with the help of Maievs Cage Trap, while the remaining groups will kill him during the 10 second long transition animation. "You must gather your party before venturing forth". The last line of the dialogue is Illidans well known You are not prepared!, and at this point he will engage with the player closest to him. Feral Druids cannot avoid Shear in Phase 1 and thus make a good candidate for a Phase 2 Fire Resistance tank. Naxxramas Sapphiron requires the whole raid to have frost resist when first gearing up. phases have very high healing requirements. Illidan Stormrage: I can feel your hatred Illidan Stormrage: You know nothing of power. healing on the tank early on. the Flame of Azzinoth will charge that player and trigger After about 1 minute, Illidan will transition from Since the HP reduction in Patch 3.0.2, it is possible to kill Illidan without him ever switching to demon form (Phase 4). Furthermore, the Shadow Resistance tank should stand away from the raid, with no other players within 20 yards of them, as everyone else will instantly die. First kills (prior to patch 3.0.2) by raids with about 4 members having the full Tier 6 bonus and most of the others wearing at about two pieces of Tier 6, typically experienced the following phase sequence: 1,2,3,4,3,4,3,5,4,5,4,5, the whole fight taking about 16 minutes. Players inside the blue flames will take 2000 Fire damage per second. Two homes are involved. at once. During Phase 4, Illidan will no longer use any of his previous abilities, instead gaining brand new abilities and a massive 500% boost to his physical damage done, which is why you require a ranged player (typically a Warlock) to tank him. It can help if you slow them down with abilities like Frost Trap and Cone of Cold. spread out to avoid the Agonizing Flames from hitting too many players Phase 4 plays completely differently to every other phase, and your raid will have to position as follows: There is a threat reset at the start of this phase to facilitate the necessity of switching a tank. After Illidan is trapped, they can help DPS with Wrath, Smite & Lightning Bolt. Illidan cannot cast any of his other spells while channeling Eye Blast. Mages: Arcane Resistance - NOT NEEDED Note that the Flames can never be moved more than 25 yards away from their respective glaive, hence youre tanking them in a circle-ish pattern, and no player can move further than 25 yards away from both glaives, hence the raid stacks up in the middle. and mind your threat. Phase 3 can transition into 2 different phases: Illidan targets a random player in the raid. (lore) The two Flames of Azzinoth must be defeated to bring Illidan to the ground. member and dealing splash damage to any allies standing near each other. Illidan is one of the harder-hitting bosses in the game, dealing high damage Agonizing Flames makes Phase 3 slightly different to Phase 1. Are you ready? into the air and Phase 2 will begin. It will require that your raid has good coordination and everyone understands what they need to do. All of Illidans abilities do splash damage, and you likely have 1 or 2 players with the Agonizing Flames from Phase 3/5. The pieces we list below are the ones that grant significant Fire Resistance and do not drop from the raids themselves. Illidan. They're increased to 5%. Supremus They are level 70 Demons and only have 21k HP, so they can be defeated fairly easily, fortunately. Phase 2 begins with Illidan flying off and throwing his glaives at the ground near the grate in the middle of the room, with one on the west side, and the other on the east side. When the Parasitic Shadowfiends spawn, the mage Frost Novas them and nukes them down quickly (usually with help from some other damage dealers). of the fire patches left on the ground. This fight can last Furthermore, you should make sure a healing reduction debuff effect is up on Illidan at all times, such as Mortal Strike, Wound Poison or Aimed Shot. Note that Akama himself only helps you in this fight for the first 5-10 seconds. Illidan himself will fly around the battlefield bombarding the raid with before DPSing as being in the wrong spot can easily get you and others While not strictly necessary, having 2 Hunters use Misdirection on the Flame of Azzinoth tanks as Phase 2 begins will make it a lot smoother. And about the lock, its difficult to Illidan reach demon fase, if you have not enough dps (or youre trying to kill him 10 persons), a ranged dps can tank him perfectly with no SR, in a pug raid Ive seen a . Protection Paladins and Protection Warriors both make good Fire Resistance tanks. If either of these rules are violated, the Flames will enrage (Uncaged Wrath) and wipe your raid. Maiev Shadowsong joins the fight to help the raid defeat Illidan. This mechanic is why players are ideally standing at their maximum range away from Illidan, forcing the demons to cover a larger distance before killing their target. It is recommended that you have at least 5-6 healers for this fight, with a good balance of tank healing classes like Holy Paladins and Restoration Druids, and AoE healing classes like Restoration Shamans and Holy Priests. Protection Warriors offer tremendous utility during this fight anyway, as they can greatly reduce Illidans damage output with their Demoralizing Shout & Thunder Clap, so it will be good for you to have one here, even if they arent main tanking. Melee damage dealers can try to follow one of the flames, but this incurs the danger of "bridging" two gr